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You’re smart, you’ve shopped around. Everybody’s offering first deposit bonuses these days. So you’re right to ask:

What’s so special about's Welcome Bonus?

Well, we believe in a warm welcome. Most sites that offer a first deposit bonus don’t actually give you any free money to play with until you play a certain amount. We hand you 25% of your Welcome Bonus instantly before you even sit down at your first table.

And as a new player, you’ll also be entitled to our First Depositors Freerolls.

The other 75% of your bonus is pending and easy to clear by accumulating Bonus Points (10 BPs per $1 bonus). Why do we say it’s easy to clear?

Because you can accumulate BPs not only by playing cash games, but also via tournament buy-ins, or even at the casino tables and games! And while you’re accumulating BPs, you’re also earning Status Points that can be converted into free cash.

How do you know how close your bonus is to getting into your hot little hands? It’s easy because you always have a bonus meter above your table while you play so you can see how far you’ve come and how much you have left to go to get your money.

Here’s an example of what can be yours: make a first deposit of $100 and you’ll get $25 immediately (so you’ll see $125 in your bankroll). Pick up the remaining $75 as soon as you collect 750 Bonus Points.

That’s 25% instantly (up to $100) + 75% pending (up to $300) = a whopping 100% up to $400 on your first deposit! There's no warmer welcome in any poker room anywhere!